It takes more than a broom, bucket and mop!

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One of the most important phases of post-construction cleaning is the final “touch up” phase. This happens immediately before the tenant moves in. Often times a contractor will use any available warm body to prepare the premises for occupancy. Not the best idea. Over the past two decades we’ve been called on time and time [...]

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Clean and Green – that’s how we roll

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After a successful outdoor festival, we’ve come to hear this all too often, “many of the attendees completely forgot their manners and left their garbage in virtually every corner of the venue. From the streets, the bleachers, the field, to even the stage, it appears as if people had thrown their trash everywhere but inside a trash [...]

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Zero-Energy FBI building in Florida

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                        Kleen Teem is proud to be one of the vendors chosen to service the new Federal FBI facility in Miramar, Florida. The cost for the new building is estimated to be nearly $200 Million, according to GSA prospectus. The building meets guidelines established [...]

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Recycle, Re-Use & Receptacles

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Yep…that’s what we’re talkin’ about.

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“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius

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Marcus Aurelius should’ve met KLEEN TEEM. It’s obvious to many that KLEEN TEEM gives their clients power over their Outside Events!    

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Splashin’ the Nets…

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…from way downtown!! We’ve been chosen as the event cleaning crew for the Nike World Basketball Festival.

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Festival and Event Safety

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We take the time to do extensive background checks on all of our employees who interact with the public. We find it hard to believe that some companies actually seek out ex-offenders to hire and put them in a family setting.

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The Right Stuff

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Job site Supervisors and General Contractors are busy people. When entering their domain, the Construction Trailer, us folks in the Post-Construction Cleaning industry need to be prepared to provide service based not only on our clients needs but on their availability to speak with us about those needs. To us, that means having done a [...]

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KleenTeem: Interesting story o…

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KleenTeem: Interesting story on one successful post-concert composting clean-up effort. Is this the trend?

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KleenTeem: Removing waste AND …

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KleenTeem: Removing waste AND reducing waste post-construction and post-event….are they equally important?

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SE Florida & Chicago’s #1 choice for Post Event and Post Construction Cleaning

At Kleen Teem, our goal is to provide our customers with what they need and deserve: Value. We provide superior service and a high level of professionalism at a fair price.

While integrity is a word that appears just about everywhere these days, we put our reputation on the line with every job we do. We don’t bury expenses within other line-items, and we won’t surprise you with a higher bill than expected.

We finish projects on time, on budget, and on target, and we are straightforward in all of our dealings...You can depend on it!

Kleen Teem is committed to being a reliable partner and sharing our expertise with you. We always strive to find the best solutions and strategies for our customers. We believe that a winning “teem” is based on the ability to learn, adapt, and grow to meet new challenges and exceed expectations.

We’re proud of the fact that we use the best recyclable and biodegradable products, along with “green” technologies that deliver Earth-friendly, lasting solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Finally, relationships matter to us. Our clients enjoy doing business with Kleen Teem because win or lose the deal, they’re treated with courtesy and respect; they know that these relationships will survive an unsuccessful bid; and they know that this small, family-run business will always be there for them.

Dean Stavrakas
Managing Principal