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After a successful outdoor festival, we’ve come to hear this all too often, “many of the attendees completely forgot their manners and left their garbage in virtually every corner of the venue. From the streets, the bleachers, the field, to even the stage, it appears as if people had thrown their trash everywhere but inside a trash can.”

As our company moves into it’s 17th year of post-event and post-construction cleaning we’ve made some observations. Much of the planning for a clean/green event starts with the event planner. Top notch companies like Chicago’s Star Events and Amdur Productions work hard at the front end to ensure the ground are kept clean by partnering with professional cleaning crews. event planning and waste management pros know the importance of receptacle placement, dumpster location and personnel allocation. When trash and debris is allowed to accumulate during an event it becomes almost impossible to stay ahead of it. Subsequently, the aftermath prompts comments like, “It looks like trash went to the concert”, and the one phrase that local residents and their elected officials loath to hear –  ”Omg!

Volunteers, students and work-release programs offer both cost-savings and a positive social aspect. However, as we’ve witnessed time and time again, the cost-benefit is the missing component there.  And, apart from trying to play catch-up on the clean-up, should the weather turn nasty, the aftermath of the event will be a disaster. Cleanup could take weeks and fingers will point to the event’s hosts and planners. This year’s Riot Fest cost the organizers $180,000 in unexpected post-event cleanup and repair.

So, keep in mind, skimping on your event cleaning needs could only cause an event planner or organizer headaches by creating angry residents and unwelcoming communities.

Riot Fest

After the Music


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