Cleaning is What We Do, Every Day of the Year…We Really Love Your Dirty Work!

Appearance…yes, it IS everything (we would complain but who would listen?)

The first thing people notice when they visit your property is its cleanliness…the second thing is how clean it looks compared to other properties – those aren’t our rules, and we’re not about to change them. No matter how many times a tenant or a guest visits, if the facility is not clean, or lacks the appearance of a regularly maintained property, the experience will be sub-standard.

Kleen Teem helps you elevate your standards and exceed these expectations with cost effective, affordable contract maintenance programs and janitorial services. Whether you require their services on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, Kleen Teem is experienced in servicing and cleaning all types and sizes of buildings. From the low-rise to the high-rise; the mall or big-box retail to the neighborhood strip center, they can handle any and all of your building maintenance, customized to your budget and scheduling needs.

There are trained, professional, courteous and uniformed “teems” available 7 days a week; they also provide emergency services 24 hours a day.

Regular Green Cleaning Provides a Healthy Environment

Illnesses and viruses are easily spread in the workplace if commonly touched surfaces are not being disinfected regularly and effectively. Kleen Teem demonstrates their commitment to the environment while also accommodating those with sensitivities to conventional chemical cleaners by utilizing “green” cleaning products. These reduce allergic reactions and also disinfect, which prevent common viruses from spreading.

Kleen Teem provides an array of contract maintenance and janitorial cleaning services which can be customized to your specifications.

Market Segments We Serve:

  1. ♦    Office and Multi-Tenant Office Buildings
  2. ♦    Retail, Strip, Mixed-Use Developments, Power Centers, Lifestyle Centers, and Traditional Malls
  3. ♦    Residential and Multi-Family
  4. ♦    Industrial, Flex, Warehouse, and Distribution

Kleen Teem’s Scope of Contract Maintenance and Janitorial Services Provide:

  1. ♦    Carpet care, including vacuuming and spot cleaning as needed
  2. ♦    Full sanitizing of kitchens and restrooms, including cleaning and disinfecting of all appliances, fixtures, and switches
  3. ♦    Horizontal and vertical surface dusting and cleaning of countertops and cabinets
  4. ♦    Sweeping and mopping of floors
  5. ♦    Waste collection, removal, and recycling
  6. ♦    Air condition vent cleaning
  7. ♦    Blind and window treatment cleaning and high dusting
  8. ♦    Stair, escalator, and elevator cleaning

All services represented are subject to client customization and approval. For more information, or to request a free estimate, contact us at or call 773.588.2500 to discuss your contract maintenance and janitorial cleaning services needs and requirements.

Kleen Teem is a professional full-service cleaning company providing a complete range of post-construction, janitorial and maintenance, window and exterior, and special event cleaning programs.

SE Florida & Chicago’s #1 choice for Post Event and Post Construction Cleaning

At Kleen Teem, our goal is to provide our customers with what they need and deserve: Value. We provide superior service and a high level of professionalism at a fair price.

While integrity is a word that appears just about everywhere these days, we put our reputation on the line with every job we do. We don’t bury expenses within other line-items, and we won’t surprise you with a higher bill than expected.

We finish projects on time, on budget, and on target, and we are straightforward in all of our dealings...You can depend on it!

Kleen Teem is committed to being a reliable partner and sharing our expertise with you. We always strive to find the best solutions and strategies for our customers. We believe that a winning “teem” is based on the ability to learn, adapt, and grow to meet new challenges and exceed expectations.

We’re proud of the fact that we use the best recyclable and biodegradable products, along with “green” technologies that deliver Earth-friendly, lasting solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Finally, relationships matter to us. Our clients enjoy doing business with Kleen Teem because win or lose the deal, they’re treated with courtesy and respect; they know that these relationships will survive an unsuccessful bid; and they know that this small, family-run business will always be there for them.

Dean Stavrakas
Managing Principal